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0 mg nicotine ecigarette?

I'm looking for the best quality ecigarette that's 40$ or less if possible. 0 mg (nicotine free) or something simular.

Any recommendations? Where can I find compatible 0 mg cartridges?

Posted by Michael C
E-Cigarette Guy

Yes, plenty of options. Go to www.ecigstation.com for a variety at lower prices. Got a blu pack from them. Perfect.

Are there ecigarettes without nicotine?

What brands and how much?

Posted by ryan962
E-Cigarette Guy

When you get the ecigarettes you get a battery, an atomizer and the tip. You then have a fluid, or "juice", which is made of: distilled water, vegetable glycerine, and nicotine. You add 3 or 4 drops of this to the tip and that is where the vapor comes from. The 3 or 4 drops will last all day…………………
Yes, you can get a "juice" which has no nicotine in it….the vapor would remain the same. All of the brands available offer this, No Nicotine juice. You can also get the "juice" with less nicotine than average. You can also purchase the pre-filled tips and you can get those without any nicotine.
There are a lot of brands of the ecigs and a lot of different prices. The one I have used for 2 years now is called Joye 510 and I like it because it has a manual button for the vapor and you can hold is as long or little as you like …as opposed to the others which are like metered drags. When you order a beginners kit, it comes with two complete ciggarettes, juice or prefilled tips and a charger adapter. The cost is, I think, $40.00. My monthly cost to use this all the time is between $5 and $10.

Where to buy ecigarettes?

About to buy some ecigarettes on Http://buyecigarettes.net/
looks like they are based in NC
would you recommend them?

Posted by very Curious
E-Cigarette Guy

Please look ecigarettes at Amazon.


Hope this help.

Good Luck.

E Cigarette

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